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Sick days

It’s been a long, gooey-eyed, feverish, sleepy week. Cass came down with viral conjunctivitis (aka the dreaded pink eye) which morphed into a vile sinus infection/flu thingy, variations of which have now assaulted the rest of us. Other than the grocery store and four trips to three different medical clinics, I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere.

Lots of inside time has its advantages. I got reacquainted with my novel, for one. Finally, forward motion. Progress! I also dove back into some earlier chapters. It’s amazing how one small change in a character’s motivation can change the entire direction of a story.

And Cass made her own leap forward this week. She learned how to draw. This is the cat she made last night.


This picture fascinates me to no end. Because until yesterday, she had only ever scribbled. If you asked her, she’d draw a circle, or a line, but that’s it. And a day later, she’s making actual pictures. As I type this she’s back at the chalkboard drawing birds at a bird feeder. Kids are awesome.


06 2010