Accidental selfie
Accidental selfie

I live in Vancouver, Canada along with my husband, daughter and two cats. My fiction has appeared in publications such as Shimmer and On Spec. In 2012, I attended the Clarion West Writers Workshop. I am still digesting all the things I learned there, but I know for sure that the experience made me both a better writer and a better person.

My writing interests include hauntings, in-between spaces, abandoned buildings and people, family and relationship dynamics, the meaning of home and finding that which has been lost. Most of my stories take place in real-world contemporary settings with a twist of strangeness to cast the everyday in a new light.

Currently I’m working on a novel that explores human relationships with objects — the emotional significance we ascribe to our possessions and the power those objects have over us. Also, psychic abilities, sisters and creepy old houses.

Besides writing, I enjoy fumbling around with my camera and cooking (mostly vegetarian) meals for friends and family.

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