Short Fiction

Sometimes the Fairy Godmother would like to fill her own pockets with gummy bears.

~ From “The Fairy Godmother,”¬†Shimmer Number Seventeen, reprinted in Imaginarium 3: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing, Chizine Publications, 2015.

~ Listen to a reading of “The Fairy Godmother” at Shimmer’s website¬†here.


Because I walked and walked, and even though I wasn’t more than a couple of miles from town, I never got there. I should’ve been scared, but I wasn’t. In fact, the longer I walked, the lighter I felt. At first I kept looking ahead for the lights of the truck stop, but after a while I found myself hoping I wouldn’t see them.

~ From “One Shoe Highway,” On Spec, #91 vol 24 no 4, winter 2012/2013.


“Did you ever notice there was no dust in Meriel’s house? No mildew between her bathroom tiles?”

Amanda nodded. She had noticed. It was one of the reasons she’d liked Meriel. It was shocking how many people didn’t keep on top of their mildew.

~ From “Meriel’s Brownie,” Leading Edge Issue 59, June 2010.