Bright Things

Bright Things #6: Comfort Bird

One of the themes of The Memory Collectors is our relationship to physical objects — the memories, emotions, and power they hold for us. Every week leading up to the book’s release, I’ll share the story of an object that’s special to me.

My husband gave me this comfort bird for Christmas last year. I wish I knew the artist who made it. He came across it at an open air market in Vancouver and knew immediately that I would love it. Comfort birds fit nicely in the palm of your hand. They are meant to be held and touched, to provide tactile soothing much like a worry stone. This one lives in my coat pocket, where it has gotten a lot of use over the last year.

My husband didn’t predict 2020—he just knows that I am both a bird lover and a worrier. Nevertheless, his timing was spot on. Thanks, little bird, for keeping me company when I’m out in the world, and thank you, husband, for knowing me so well.


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