Bright Things

Bright Things #12: Red Pot

One of the themes of The Memory Collectors is our relationship to physical objects — the memories, emotions, and power they hold for us. Every week leading up to the book’s release, I’ll share the story of an object that’s special to me.

I’m a utilitarian cook. I don’t have a great passion for cooking, but I love food and I love to eat well. Since we can’t eat out every day, I’ve learned and practiced over the years to the point of competency, and perhaps occasional excellence.
It brings me satisfaction to prepare nourishing and delicious meals for myself and my family. I rely on a handful of old favourites, throwing in a new recipe or experiment when the standard rotation starts feeling stale.
This is my all-time favourite cooking pot. So red! So warm and inviting. Soups taste better in it. I can’t say why but it’s a fact.
My kitchen is tiny, truly a one-person affair. When I’m standing at the stove, everything is within arm’s reach. The red pot now lives on top of the kitchen cupboards, that not-quite-a-shelf space where normally only dust and cats go. Every time I get up on my stool and pull it down, its solid weight and cool ceramic handles make me smile.

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