Bright Things #4: Irma and Bunny

One of the themes of The Memory Collectors is our relationship to physical objects — the memories, emotions, and power they hold for us. Every week leading up to the book’s release, I’ll share the story of an object that’s special to me.

I’m sharing two objects this week because they come as a pair: Irma and Bunny, my daughter’s first toys. These well-loved stuffies speak to me of those bleary, wonder-filled days of early childhood, when we lived far from family and friends and for much of the time, it was just the two of us (plus furry friends). 

Irma and Bunny bring back memories of long winter days, of endless games of peekaboo and hide and seek, of tea parties and story time (and of longing for an adult conversation, if I’m being honest). When I think of these two, I see them lined up on the windowsill to watch a storm, or nestled lovingly next to our sleeping cat. 

My daughter is thirteen years old now. She gave up Irma and Bunny some time ago, and has largely forgotten them. But I haven’t. These two make an appearance in The Memory Collectors. My own childhood toys were captured in a special piece of art that I’ll share next week. It only seemed right that I do the same for my daughter.

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  • Laura Reading

    I bet she has not forgotten them. I am many decades older and my best plush friend still has a dedicated spot in my heart. And there is room for a select few of his friends.
    My son is not as sentimental but on occasion I catch him smiling over a toy related memory.

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