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THE MEMORY COLLECTORS is on bookshelves now

I am so happy to announce that THE MEMORY COLLECTORS is now out in the world!! Yes, this announcement IS a week late!

The truth is that my book launch did not go as planned. 

My family and I are currently recovering from COVID-19. We are okay!! We had mild cases and are recovering well. But I tested positive a week and a half before publication day, and spent every day leading up to March 16th in bed, exhausted and stressed. I know our story isn’t unique, but it was still a shock, after a year of being so careful and following all of the public health guidelines, to find ourselves in this situation. Shocking and scary, and the timing (not that there’s a good time to get COVID-19) was especially bad.

On the big day, it was all I could do to post a quick, bleary-eyed Instagram photo and share some reviews. After that, I saved up every bit of energy I had in me for the evening launch event.

The event, hosted by Mysterious Galaxy Books went SURPRISINGLY well, in large part thanks to my excellent friend and conversation partner, Bryan Camp, author of THE CITY OF LOST FORTUNES and GATHER THE FORTUNES. I did a short reading and we had a good time talking about the book and the writing process in general. You can view a recording of the event here. And you can still receive a custom signed bookplate if you order a copy of THE MEMORY COLLECTORS from Mysterious Galaxy Books.

The reception to the book so far has been incredible. Here are some of the best-of lists that have included THE MEMORY COLLECTORS over the last couple of weeks:

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It’s also been wonderful to see the many messages and photos from friends and family showing me their copies that have arrived in the mail, or pictures of the book on shelves at their local bookstores. I hope to be able to see THE MEMORY COLLECTORS out in the wild myself soon! Please keep those photos coming, and if you have read and enjoyed the book, consider leaving a rating and/or review. Thank you all for the support!


  • Phyllis Romito

    I entered a drawing & won copy of The Memory Collectors. I am very excited to be a winner. It arrived in the mail today. Very anxious to start reading. Thank you Kim Neville for a wonderful surprise.

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